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With music sales undergoing major changes, StarTune® is leading the way with a special place in music: We specialize in sales of new music from emerging songwriters through digital downloads on top music stores, iTunes and Amazon MP3.
What We Do:
We're giving opportunities for emerging songwriters to have their music in major download stores, iTunes and Amazon MP3, with a major difference compared with writers going it alone. StarTune® assists every songwriter we sign with the vital ingredient of promotion through this major website.
Here are the facts, Jack... and Jill. Your songs alone -- hidden among the millions in the major digital download stores -- could leave your tunes awash in a sea of music that could overpower yours with sheer numbers.
Our Solution:
The StarTune® website features and promotes new music, and gives the millions of music buyers all over the world a concentrated path directly to your songs. Here, there's far less competition, so you're easier to find, but still have your songs on the major sites, right along with the major stars. We handle it all. We produce, master, convert to MP3, create album cover art and upload your songs to iTunes and Amazon. Then link them to the StarTune® website so they're easy to find with a simple click.